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The ice cubes

BON GELO ice cubes are produced with drinkable water, and they pass through a micro filtering process. The ice cube producing machines are placed in a fully closed environment, free from any type of contaminants. The ice is conveyed to the automatic packaging machine with no hand contact, and it is then stored on galvanizes steel pallets. Hygiene can be seen in all production phases. The end product is pure and crystal-clear ice, which can be consumed under the safety and quality of the products which display our brand.

The employees who work in the ice cube producing area wear white clothes which are changed every day, and our Technician in Charge makes continuous evaluations of their hygiene conditions and personal conduct, in addition to physical examinations required by law.
Every week, different laboratories collect the product both at the production line and in some point of sale ready for end consumers, and they supply us the reports you can find on this website for reference purposes. ECOLAB monitors the water.

New package

embalagem de gelo em cubo

Whole cubes | 5Kg bags

Our ice cubes are registered with the Ministry of Health with number 5.7421.0001.001-3. Our product is different because it does not have broken pieces on ice in its package, only cubes, something that results in savings for you in terms of cost-effectiveness. This detail has made that those who use ice on a daily basis and know the difference approve our products and enter a quite productive partnership with our company: Through the ABB Brazilian Association of Bartenders, these professionals approve and recommend our ice to every restaurant, bar, disco, nightclub, etc.

Therefore, worry about quality when buying ice cubes. After all, you and your family are consuming a type of food like any other. If you thought of Ice, you thought of BON GELO…

Geladeira de gelo Bon Gelo

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