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DRY ICE is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) in the solid state. It is ideal to preserve products at very low temperatures, -79ºC below zero. It is different from common ice, it does not melt, but it goes from the solid state to the gaseous state (sublimation). It is extensively used to carry ice cream, medicines and other products. It is not recommended to cool drinks because it reaches very low temperatures. It produces a thick, white smoke in contact with water, which may be used also for special effects, events, movies, shows, etc. BON GELO DOES NOT SELL this product, but it recommends its business partner, at Av. Clodomiro Amazonas, 27 Itaim Bibi, Telephone 11 3078-1014.
We have made the ice calculator available on our homepage. You can use it to calculate how much ice you will need for your party. (CLICK HERE )
The 5-kg package ice cube is indicated for your whisky, caipirinha, juices, cocktails, etc. Its manufacturing process undergoes a strict hygiene control, what allows for the product safety and quality. The 10-kg and 20-kg package crushed ice is indicated to cool beverages, bottles and cans in manufacturing processes which required sudden changes in temperature, etc. Due to the product handling, we do not indicate it for consumption purposes.

The 25-kg bar of ice is the oldest of all. It is also used to cool beverages, bottles and cans, and it is necessary to break it.
Due to the product handling, we do not indicate it for consumption purposes.

The ice duration time depends basically on two factors: room temperature and place where it stored. If the day is hot and the beverages are placed with ice in a styrofoam container, it will last longer than in a vat or box. Crushed ice melts quicker than ice cubes, which on their turn melt quicker than bars of ice. Ice lasts from 4 to 6 hours on average. The mixture of water, salt and alcohol does make ice take longer to melt.

For each 10 kg of ice, add two liters of water, half a kilo of salt and half a bottle of alcohol. Water increases contact surface, salt reduces ice melting temperature (it takes longer to melt), and alcohol steals heat by means of a chemical reaction. Physicists call this liquid “frigorific mixture”.

We deliver only in the city of São Paulo and in the Greater São Paulo, under a prior review of our commercial department. The minimum amount for deliveries is two hundred reais (R$ 200.00).
BON GELO DOES NOT LEASE freezers, vats or boxes. We do not operate with other products either, only ICE.
We work from Monday to Friday, from 07 a.m. to 05:30 p.m. Sundays and holidays from 07 a.m. to noon.
Our address is Estrada da Aldeia, 1650, Km 22.2, Raposo Tavares Highway. (See the Map)
Just like any other food, ICE can be contaminated, hence the importance of ALWAYS knowing the origin of the ice you consume.
You can access the SAC and send your data to the Commercial Department, and our sales department will contact you.
When having contact with other kinds of food in the freezer, ice made at home may acquire smells and convey them to the beverages. The handling, clean molds and the water used are extremely important. BON GELO ice is manufactured in compliance with standards of hygiene and food product control, so that you can consume pure and crystal-clear ice.
We guarantee the ice!