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BON GELO products can be used for several purposes: at your parties, they are the guaranty for cold drinks at the right point, without worrying about them freezing in the refrigerator. In large events, they are sure success for businessmen of such industry. Additionally, to preserve food products, in fishing industry, bread production, chemical industries, concrete-related procedures, slaughterhouses, meat-packing plant, as well as industrial processes which require quick temperature variations.

Ice is food. So, demand quality from the ice you consume. Remember that temperature is the only difference between drinkable water and ice. If we take so much care about the water we drink, how can we rely on the ice produced in our freezer? Ice is the “forgotten food”. Leave the worry of producing high-quality ice to us.


Our products are manufactured in compliance with all the hygiene and cleaning standards, by using pure artesian well water (DAEE Operating License 324-10). The water quality used for manufacturing purposes is monitored through weekly analyses and ECOLAB follow-up, in charge of chlorination and monthly drinkability reports. The chlorine level is controlled internally, monitored by our technician in charge.

Our equipment has periodical maintenance, so that the quality is not compromised. The facilities, equipment, furniture and utensils are cleaned in accordance with the SOP (Standardized Operating Procedures) supplied in our Good Manufacturing Practices Book, as well as every procedure requiring standardization.