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BON GELO customers have a characteristic in common: their level of satisfaction with our company is quite high. The tailor-made service highlights us in the market. Customers who schedule their deliveries with us have success guaranteed in their events and operations. CLICK HERE AND SEE OUR SATISFACTION POLL

ClientesSupermarkets, Hypermarkets and small Markets have been recently including ICE as a significant product in their sales. Additionally, they have the product to use in case of power outage or failures in some cooling equipment, in order preserve other many products.

ClientesBars, Restaurants, Snack Bars and Nightclubs
Essential to keep beverages at the right temperature to be consumed, in addition to freezing quicker than refrigerators, ICE is an indispensable part of Bars, Restaurants, Snacks Bars and Nightclubs. Friend number one of Bartenders, ICE keeps the ideal temperature for consumption purposes, in addition to decorating their “masterpiece” drinks. Our ICE is the favorite and approved by ABB (Brazilian Association of Bartenders).

Besides being great points of sale for ice, bakeries have been using our product to produce bread. BON GELO ice cubes are perfect for such purpose due to their quality.

ClientesGas Stations
Ice represents today a significant amount of sales in gas stations. Customers are used to finding the product on such sites. Talk to us and increase your sales even more.

ClientesManufacturing Purposes
Several industries use ice in their processes for several purposes: quick drop in temperature, like poultry slaughterhouses, use in dairy plants to keep room temperature and not to spoil milk, ice used in concrete applications, textile plants, chemical plants and food processes.

The opinion of our customers is very important, since this is the only way to improve our services every day, and all of our dedication is rewarded by your satisfaction toward our company. The BON GELO staff thanks you for your kindness.

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